The Self-Coached Career Change” is the working title of a book I’m now writing.

It’s aimed at Information Technology (IT) professionals approaching or already in a career transition.

For the “lucky” few this will be a planned process with mostly predictable outcomes. But for the majority, career transition will feel like a roller coaster ride they don’t remember boarding – and doubt they can get off safely.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

just five rules self-coaching

While none of us (that I know of) can control the future there are ways and means to tip the odds in your favor. The trouble is that many people continue to sell themselves short when it comes to believing what’s possible.

Having been through two major career transitions / changes (one into the tech world in 1986 and another out of it in 2007), and also coached a handful of IT people around various career obstacles, I’ve come to the conclusion that self-coaching is a must-have skill set.

This book will describe that skill set in the form of a simple model I call “Just Five Rules.”

It will also show readers how to effectively self-coach into, through and out of a career change / transition.

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- Mark McClure,
Tokyo, Japan

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