The Self-Coached Career Change

The Self-Coached Career Change” is the working title of a book I’m writing for Information Technology (IT) professionals who are thinking about changing careers.

A successful career change can be a planned process with some predictable outcomes along the way. However, for many people it often turns out to be a stressful journey into an uncertain and bewildering future. This is especially so when the career change is involuntary, there is pressure to find a new role fast, and beliefs about what may be possible are too limited.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

just five rules self-coaching

I’ve been through two major career transitions / changes (one into the tech world in 1986 and another out of it in 2007), and also coached a handful of IT people around various career obstacles. In my experience, self-coaching is a must-have skill set.

This book will describe that skill set in the form of a simple self-coaching model I call “just five rules.”

It will also show readers how to go about self-coaching into, through and out of a career change. (People planning a career transition within the world of IT may also find the coaching model of some use.)

– Mark McClure,
Tokyo, Japan
twitter: @markmcclure2day (book updates will be announced via Twitter too)