About the Author

mark-mcclure-authorHello! My name’s Mark McClure. I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and relocated to Tokyo, Japan in 1994.

Two career changes, twenty years apart have included time spent as a science teacher, IT specialist (Cisco CCIE), career change coach and freelance writer.

My second career change began in 2007 with a move from corporate IT into solopreneurship  – also known as ‘working for yourself.’

There are several hundred posts on markmccluretoday.com that document what I was doing between 2007 and 2014. (That blog now focuses more on writing fiction – another ‘creative offshoot I am cultivating.)

My interest in writing as a freelance career path has grown stronger since 2007. In addition to authoring marketing collateral for technology companies (see samuraiwriter.com/blog for the story), I also write about career transition, self-help and personal growth.

The seeds for this book were first sown in 2004 when I trained as a life/career coach with the International Coach Academy. Although I no longer offer 1:1 coaching services, I know from experience how effective self-coaching can be.

Is this a book just for geeks? Well, no. The book is marketed to IT professionals because I was one of them and feel qualified to write with some authority and experience on career change in that industry. Nonetheless, I think the content is also relevant to anyone wanting to know more about a self-coached career change.

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