Beta Readers and Other Cool Stuff

The theory was that I would write a post on Monday 17th December but other work got in the way.
And now I find myself among the delights of Tuesday.

If you are interested in reading an early draft of the self-coaching career change book in return for providing some feedback (by email is fine), please use the sign up box on the top right of the page.
(A call for beta readers will be made to list subscribers in early 2014.)
(Change of plan as of 25 July 2014 – beta readers have been sourced privately. Thank you for your interest.)

Note that I can’t promise to select everyone who signs up because a handful will be more than enough.

However, all list subscribers will get first news of the book’s release, sample chapters, some unreleased interviews, and anything else relevant to a self-coaching career changer.

Subscribers can expect to receive no more than 1 or 2 emails per month.
(And you can unsubscribe with a just a click.)

Thank you for your interest in this book.

Parting thought: 2014 is the “year of the horse” in Japan.
Time to saddle up…

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