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I’ve been rereading Robert Fritz’s inspirational book, ‘The Path of Least Resistance‘. Highly recommended for anyone interested in knowing how to create more of what they want in life.

Hey, that’s us –  because career changers make some big choices in one lifetime.


There are two key messages I take away from Robert’s book each time I read it.

1– “Become the dominant creative force in your own life” (to quote his words) is a choice but also a state of being. Heck, a “state of grace” would be closer to how it’s best realised on a daily, moment-by-moment basis.

This simple statement’s infused with such power that many people ‘instinctively’ shy away from it. “Oh, not for me”, says someone caught in the reaction-response mode of living that Robert details in his book.

Viewed from the perspective of a creator (of art, music, sculpture, books etc.) it must seem so obvious. But for the rest of us, that a canvas of life possibilities exists on which we can daub and mould towards a vision of our completed work, is a novel concept.

Sometimes you just know what to do.

I pretty much did, back in 1986, as part of career change #1.

Enter the IT world in a training role capacity. Earn moolah. Relocation OK. Business Travel OK.”

Things took off from there.

Career change #2 in 2006/7 was a different entity in that the finished product was not as clear cut in my mind. Amazing, twenty years of life experience and you might be forgiven for thinking it should be easier this time around lol.

Which brings me to the second message:

2- Practice making choices because there is an art (or is it habit?) to doing so with confidence and a sense of curious expectation.

Hence the Japanese lunch box photo above. Robert uses the metaphor of choosing from a restaurant menu to help overcome the tendency that many people have of not making a decision, or at least, of not making it quickly enough while the opportunity is available.

In my case, I often dilly-dally when faced with the extensive Japanese lunch box displays to be found at Shinkansen (bullet train) stations. It’s easy to miss the train when in this mode of choice avoidance.

I choose to create a book that helps readers self-coach their own career change.

What are you choosing?

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