eBook Update: Just Five Rules – Self-Coached IT Career Change

I’m working through the line edits for this eBook and also polishing some of the self-coaching exercises – those that I continue to use on myself. Here’s a photo of two of them that I first heard about in the late 1980s but didn’t actually start doing until 2003 – I’m a slow learner haha!

The top envelope contains my “60 seconds self-commercial” – a handwritten letter to myself. Yes, a commercial about myself. Sometimes you gotta go blow your own horn. No-one else is going to do it for you.

self-coaching-goals-60-seconds-self-commercialThe bottom envelope is another handwritten letter where I went through a multipage assessment of the goals that were important to me in 2003.

I did a shorter written review of these goals almost ten years later. Not all them are still relevant. Some I succeeded in. Some I failed at.

Most of my goal setting since 2007 has been using a one page mind map but much is still in overall alignment between 2003 and 2016. The tools may change but the process of self-coaching is essentially the same. I am learning to trust myself more.

Both of these exercises are included in chapter four of the book,  a chapter I’m calling, ‘Your Inner Sensei.’ I know. The title reads like a middle-age adaptation of ‘The Karate Kid.’ That’s OK. Because I like the title and besides, my inner sensei would be mighty miffed if he gets written out of this book. Yes sir, she no gonna play that game – help to write the book and then get consigned to ghostwriter status? Nope! That muse is not amused.

Back in the domain of the conscious editor… I added a progress bar plugin (from AuthorMedia.com) to the blog’s right hand column. It’s for readers who want to check on the status of the book but I’m also using it as a form of writing accountability partner. There are some bells and whistles to the paid version which I might spring for after I’ve tested out this one.

All being well, the eBook will be published on Amazon, the iBook store and possibly on Kobo. It’s probably best for a non-fiction niche title like this one to ‘go wide’ rather than remain within any single online publisher’s walled garden. And besides, based on pre-order info from Apple, it looks like many potential readers are located outside of the United States. But more about that in a future post.

I’ll have some sort of special offer for subscribers to the mailing list… you’ve got to be in to win!

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