How To Effortlessly Author Your Own Book

For many new authors, the thought of ‘being their own ghostwriter’ seems a crazy one.

Fortunately, you can ghostwrite and self-publish a book, especially a non-fiction book, by implementing rule #2 (from the ‘just five rules’ compilation listed on this site.)

Rule #2  states: “follow a proven plan

This rule means you need to find someone who has already done what you want to do, decide if you’re OK with following their methods, and then get started.

Enter renowned ghostwriter, Michael Levin.

Although Mark was unaware of him, Mr. Levin’s been a successful ghostwriter for about twenty years and also written fiction good enough to make the New York Times bestseller list.

Based on his experience of ghostwriting books for busy celebrities and CEOs, Michael Levin developed a process for getting books researched, written and published quickly.

If you can imagine how little ‘free’ time most very successful people have, then it’s easy to see they’ve little chance of writing their own books. Some manage to carve out time but it’s the rare business or media ‘star’ who is able to (and wants to) spend it on writing a book.

Solution? Give it to a Ghostwriter…

Not so fast.

Even after hiring Michael’s firm,, to ghostwrite their book, all his new client’s done is transfer the “monkey on my back” to Michael.

Well, that’s what he’s paid (well) to do“, you might be thinking.

And you’d be correct.

But that proverbial ‘monkey’s’ now morphed into the stuff of ghostwriting nightmares:

How do I get the story and the facts and the anecdotes, all those nitty-gritty secrets, out of the client’s mind and into a first draft? Busy people have little time or patience to write notes or respond in detail to emailed questions.”

The solution’s simple and many overlook it.
Let me re-introduce you to a social skill you’ve known for years: the art of conversation.

The Effortless Authorship System

Michael and his team schedule regular interviews, mostly over the phone, where they let their clients ‘talk that book’ into existence. Each interview requires preparation beforehand so that every question is in line with the book’s main message.

Michael’s discovered over decades of ghostwriting for clients that recorded conversations on each of the book’s chapters-to-be require much less effort from the client than having them try to write a two hundred page manuscript – hence the ‘effortless authorship’ marketing angle.

The authorship process gets even easier when the creation and editing of a transcript is outsourced to others. Finding capable and affordable freelance transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders and book cover artists, is much easier than new writers suspect.

And once the manuscript is ready for self-publishing:

  • it can be easily uploaded to an online publisher,
  •  a review copy can be sent  for the author’s approval.
  • the finished book can be made ready for selling and order fulfilment on, etc.

Yes, it’s a brave new self-publishing world.

A Complete System For Writing and Self-Publishing Your Book

Mark got access to a pre-release version of Michael Levin’s ‘Effortless Authorship‘ course through an offer made by Japan-based Internet marketing consultant, James Brown.

Yes, he did pay for it.
He also paid for access to an monthly mentoring program that has Michael, James and other experts go into more depth about marketing a book and creating additional information products.

Based on the content shared so far it should be an interesting ride.

Here’s a snapshot of the audios and PDFs downloaded from the Effortless Authorship membership site.


The fourteen ‘BYOG’ mp3 files are the core audio content and describe the system in detail (‘BYOG’ = Be Your Own Ghostwriter.)

Additional bonus files are also shown.

Are You Ready to Be Your Own Ghostwriter?

You can get access to Michael Levin’s course by clicking this link: Effortless Authorship Program.

Right now, while Mark goes though the effortless authorship program, this link is not yet an affiliate link. However, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, once Mark’s book is self-published and he’s happy to recommend the program based on his results, this will become a commission-generating link.

That’s how good business should work.

But Will this Course Work For Me?

To be honest, I have no idea.

I don’t know you or what’s driving you to write a book when you could be sleeping, partying, watching TV – doing anything BUT write your book.
Self-publishing success may well come down to the video, ‘How bad do you want it?’, on this page about “writing a book using just five rules.”

But doesn’t the program ‘promote’ an ‘effortless authorship’?

Well, yes it does. But keep your thinking, rational brain in play here.

Some effort will be required but probably much less than you might have thought – that’s my take on the sales letter.

(Even clients who pay the big money for Michael Levin’s business ghostwriting services must be clear about their book’s main message. They must also play a constructive part in the audio interviews.)

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