How To Let Time Go Lightly

An important part of self-coaching is knowing how and when to relax.


Taking time to regroup, relax and recharge.

Alas, for many people the working week’s often a torrent of unplanned hustle and bustle –  one in which they’re expected to be ready and reachable in a smartphone moment.

Somehow, I doubt this geezer on the floor is within audio range of any dumbphone or wage slavery communications device. (Outdoor shoes are not worn inside, so carpets in Japanese homes are easy to keep clean.)

No sane individual could possibly expect him to get up and answer a call when pinned down by a snoring cocker spaniel. It’s just not done these days.

During downtime intervals, a problem or query can be handed off to the subconscious mind for processing via cycles that we don’t need to be consciously aware of.

“Here’s the problem. What I’ve tried are x, y and z. I need a solution by 4pm tomorrow.  What are my options?”

Yes, in my experience it seems that a degree of rumination is required beforehand for optimal results. Makes sense that an awake and (hopefully) alert mind is able to first parse sensory data – sounding like Star Trek here, sorry! – come up with some ideas/questions, and then choose to delegate the data crunching and hypothesis testing.

It’s not just artists and other creatives who can be inspired from a reverie state. Using self-coaching’s ‘inner sensei’ metaphor, the act of handing off or deferring to another, wiser aspect of the personality can be a very powerful action.

We can go even further than self-programming for results while awake. Take a topic, reframe it in the form of an open question, and then pose it to yourself just before sleep. Request an answer in the form of a dream that you might recall on awakening. However, dream recall’s not the crux of the method…what’s more effective is staying open to the choices and apparent synchronicities that may surface in the days ahead.

This state of excited expectancy can make even annoying chores and bores that much more intriguing.

Bottom line: stay curious.

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