Interviews for Book Now Underway

Hiroo Park TokyoA brief post to update that the book project is still very much alive.

I’m now scheduling interviews with a number of people who have kindly agreed to help.

All being well, their contributions will be included in the book and may also appear on this site and others, as appropriate.

Here is the message I recently sent to them:

START message:

Thank you very much for agreeing to be interviewed for my book, tentatively titled:

“Self-Coached Career Change and Your Inner Sensei”.

(This is a working title, and may change as the project takes shape.

One alternative is “The Self-Coached Career Change Using Just Five Rules”.)

 The book’s main premise is that (to paraphrase the words of the Outward Bound organization’s founder, Kurt Hahn); “we are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realize this, we may never be prepared to settle for anything less.”

My self-coaching model – “just five rules” – is one I’ve been using deliberately since 2004. With hindsight, application of these rules showed up during my first career change (from teaching to IT) in 1986.

You can get a flavor for the five rules in this post:

This message contains questions that will guide the interview.
They are not set-in-stone and we may diverge from this list if certain topics are of particular interest to you.
Also, you can decline to answer any question if you feel if it’s not suitable or relevant.

By exploring the experiences of others, I believe that readers will gain a better understanding of how self-coaching can help in their own career change planning and execution.

The interview will probably begin with a short introduction about you and then we’ll move into the questions as originally posted here:

END message.

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