‘Living Your Best Life’ eBook is Released

I’ve been busy with a bunch of eBook-related formatting activities. The net result was the release of my short ‘1-hour read’ eBook (according to Amazon’s reckoning!), ‘Living Your Best Life‘.
I learned a lot about eBooks while putting it together and plan to apply those lessons to the ongoing ‘Just Five Rules’ book project.

One other update this month. I’ve also put in place a ‘Mailing list’ signup form. It’s on the top right of every page here. The idea is to give subscribers news about new book releases & giveaways before they are announced publicly.
It’s a double optin list – just enter your email address in the signup box and click on the automated confirmation email (which should arrive soon after you hit the subscribe button.)
I expect the emails will be infrequent – only when I have book news of interest to share.

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