Just a quick update on two major projects that will take up most of my creative time and energy this month. tokyo-sunset One is National Novel Writing Month – also known to participants as “NaNoWriMo”.

The stated aim is to write 50,000 words (of a novel) within the 30 days of November. This is harder than it sounds because I want those words to form the basis of a useful first draft, and not piddle out as a stream of drivel. Hey, maybe I should have entered the ‘just five rules’ non-fiction project as my nanowrimo goal?

Alas, I’m committed now and already behind schedule (sounds familiar) because my outline has major plot holes that need filling in asap.

The second project is the men’s health awareness campaign, Movember. I did this last year and then shaved off the moustache in early December. This time both the lip whiskers and the beard will be allowed free reign for the entire month.

Unfortunately, my Movember campaign page shows only public donations, of which I have nowt at present. If you are able to help please make a donation, then forward your email receipt from the Movember folks to me (info – at – justfiverules – dot- com) , and I’ll gift you an electronic version of my just five rules book when it is published. 

Have a great Movember!

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