Putting Self-Coaching Skills to Work

In my experience, “self-coaching” skills are best learned by helping others to improve their performance in one or more career-related skills. You can think of it as the golden rule in action i.e. treating others as you would like to be treated by them. Perhaps easier said than done but that’s part of the challenge.

In 2008, on another blog, I wrote two posts about performance coaching skills in the workplace.

The first was a note of gratitude for Sir John Whitmore’s book, ‘Coaching for Performance’. This is a wonderful reference for applying coaching skills at work and I highly recommend it.


The second was about one of my sporting heroes – 1968 Olympic 400 meters hurdles champion, David Hemery.
Everyone should have a ‘performance coaching champion’ to look up to, and he is mine. (This person doesn’t have to be from the world of sports.)


An interesting feedback loop can start up here because by looking for performance coaching champions in the outside world, you will help prime your ‘inner sensei’ to self-coach with the golden rule in mind.

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