Self-Coaching Book Theme Statement

This post’s a followup to the one about my proposed Book’s theme and vision statement.

Since then, I’ve been doodling some ideas while riding the Tokyo trains, and all point toward the following choices:

Book Theme Statement #1

Self-coaching is free, powerful and private. With practice and trust, almost priceless results can be achieved.
This book shows you how to self-coach your own career change.

Book Theme Statement #2

How to self-coach career change using just five rules and some intelligent conversations with your inner sensei.
Japan-based author and international career changer, Mark McClure, shows you what’s possible.

Which of these two do you like?

Leave a comment and let him know.

Five Questions A Self-Publisher Must Ask…

While working on the book theme, Jason ‘@GoodPeopleJapan‘ Ball, sent me a great link about “Writing a One-Page Business Plan: 5 Questions a Self-Publisher Must Ask“.

As the content is directly related to his self-publishing plans I’m going to answer them here:

1) I want to write a book that teaches people how to use self-coaching skills for life and career change.
Career changes in his 20s (in UK) and 40s (in Japan), along with a study of personal growth and coaching skills, have provided him with knowledge worth sharing. Additionally, I want to leave a legacy to my daughter in the form of this book.

2) I will write about how to self-coach a career change using just five rules.

3) My ideal market (and reader) is a college-educated professional in mid-life (late 30s to 40s). They’ve looked externally for answers to balancing the “do what you love” versus “earn a living” equations of life and are now open to taking a more self-directed approach.

4) Success in this project means “self-published using just five rules.” It’s my first book, so I will be a wee bit pleased to see my name in print.

Some longer term goals for the book include:

  • having it translated in Japanese.
  • being sold as an audio book and also as an e-book.
  • being regarded as an ‘authority-building’ book for a series of personal growth information products and services aimed at self-coaching for career changers who are escaping the employee mindset for an entrepreneurial one.

 I haven’t figured out exactly how much time and energy I will give to marketing the book ‘off line’. I am, however, able to commit significant time and resource to online promotion efforts.

Just Five Rules & Self-Coaching

Here’s a short video I did nearly four years ago that attempts to explain the ‘just five rules’ approach to self-coaching.

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