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This is Mark McClure from and I’m the author of a book about the self-coached career change. It’s mainly aimed at IT professionals (because that was my background) but I believe that almost anyone in career transition would benefit from reading it.  You can find out more about the book at the end of this message.

If you’re new to self-coaching and career change, then I’d also encourage you to check out a post I wrote over 5 years ago.

(By way of explanation, started off as my personal development and coaching blog way back in 2007. However, it now focuses on my science fiction work. Any new non-fiction career change material I will probably post here at Have a look through the category archives or use the search box.)

You can find me on twitter at – where tweets about this book, career change and self-coaching will usually be tagged with #jfr.
Other tweets may be general or specific to my science fiction interests.

I have a ‘JustFiveRules‘ FaceBook page for the book. It’s a bit of a digital wasteland at the moment but feel free to stop by and leave a comment.

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