Boarded-Up Book?

Ha! A boarded-up book, he says. The photograph of an old, boarded-up public housing apartment complex (‘danchi’) in Tokyo might well describe Boarded-up-danchi-apartment-japanthe tone of last month’s post.

Thinking more about the implications of abandoning the self-coaching book, I did a little self-coaching on myself. Writing some creative non-fiction is all well and good. It probably would be fun to write.

But ‘small is beautiful’ fits the mindset of eating this elephant-in-my-own-mind one bite at a time. So, I believe I have an obligation to myself to complete the original project.

Then, if I still want to try out some fiction with a career change theme, I can maybe work on some short stories.

The root of the issue is a form of resistance. An odd resistance to the idea of creating something original based on my own experiences with career change in the UK and in Japan.

So, I will write the kind of book I first blogged about here over four (!) years ago. If it finds an audience, wonderful. If not, well it will be out there as the best I could do at the time.

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