Book Burning Questions for Self Coaching Career Changers

Things have been busy for your apprenticed author – just not so much on this book!
Still, it’s now Golden Week (holiday time ) in Japan, and I’ve made some time to focus on the next step in this ‘effortless authorship’ journey.

And the step featured in today’s post is one of five listed at the end of an earlier post about the self-coaching book’s theme statement:

“Draft at least twenty problems, issues, dilemmas, that readers interested in career changing and self-coaching face regularly.”

  I started by mind mapping the keywords that came to mind when thinking about self-coaching and career change. (See the image below.) And then I turned each of those into a question.

just five rules book questions

The twenty keywords are listed clockwise on the mind map, starting from top right.

Here are the questions created to date.

1) Life Balance:
How can I get my career and life  in balance / sync / harmony with each other?

2) Self-Talk:
What do you mean by ‘self-talk’? I’m too busy at work to even think straight anymore…

3) Lack of Perspective:
In other words, when it comes to career change, why can’t I “see the wood for the trees”?

4) Reality:
The reality is that if I need to make a living then aren’t most career change goals just a waste of time and effort?

5) Self-Esteem:
What does my self-esteem have to do with putting food on the table or a smile on my face?

6) Actions:
What if I take actions and they aren’t the right ones?

7) Learning Model:
How do I learn what I need to know when I’m so busy at work and at home?

8 ) Environment:
What if there are no other careers anywhere near me?

9) Intention:
What are my real intentions regarding a career change? Perhaps I’m simply committed to not facing the truth?

10) Health:
How important is my health, now and in the future, to this proposed career change?
And what about potential or actual health issues of family members?

11) Responsibility:
In what ways am I responsible for the success or failure of my career (change)?

12) Feedback:
How do I handle feedback (on my current performance and future goals) from both people and the environment around me?

13) Change:
How do I respond or react to changes around me? (These two verbs are often as different as night and day…)

14) Habits:
Which habits are serving me and which are hindering me? How can I change them or, more to the point, add new ones?

15) Awareness:
What exactly am I aware of during my work day, work week, on the 15th of last month etc? Are these memories pleasant and uplifting, or distasteful and depressing?

16) Goals:
What goals do I have in my life and career? How do I feel about goal setting and achieving?

17) Blame Culture:
Am I surrounded by blamers and excuse makers? Am I one too? What can I do about this?

18) People:
Who do I look up to, admire and respect? Who do I detest and ignore?
What sort of people bring out the best in me? And vice versa?

19) Age:
What does my age have to do with career change? What do I believe is possible or otherwise, because of my age? How can I best deal with age-related career change issues?

20) Skills:
What skills do I have that will serve me well in another career? What skills do I lack? How can I acquire them or work around them?

Now Answer The Questions

My next step will be to start answering these questions within the context of the book’s opening chapter: “the author as hero”.

Mistakes and all, the author’s own approach to career change and self-coaching will set the scene for how each of the “just five rules” can apply to a reader’s own situations.

In addition, these questions will likely become an ‘interview template’ when talking to others in various stages of career change and personal renewal.

By the way, I remain keen on writing very little of the book myself. I’ve found a good transcriptionist and, all being well, the plan is still to dictate most of the book’s content and have it edited into a presentable format. More on that as it develops. (December 2014 update: The plan is to use Dragon Naturally speaking and to dictate the first draft myself.)

Please feel free to comment on the twenty questions above. Additions and revisions are very welcome.

– ‘the jfr self-coaches’

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