Career Change Toolkit

A Google search for career change professional filetype:pdf returned an excellent resource – the career change toolkit.

Authored by Lisa Carr, an experienced careers consultant who, among other responsibilities, coaches MBAs at the University of Warwick (UK), this 19-page PDF file guides potential career changers through a self-evaluation of goals, roles, talents and responsibilities.

Although the assessments and questions can be answered inline, this is the kind of self-coaching exercise I like to mull over with pen, paper and a beverage of choice. It’s also a resource to be worked on when time permits i.e. there’s no external time pressure to ‘get it done’.

I think the most important thing for self-coachers is to be ‘taking action’. Only then comes the activity of ‘following a proven plan’. While no one can say for sure if a specific plan is right for them, the experience of others is often very helpful.

Looking around the site where the document was found, , there are many interesting ebooks, blogs and other resources for career changers. The site is aimed towards job seekers in the academic world but many of the career skills and much of the knowledge, is universal in scope.

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