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It took only four years (ha!) but just five rules, the ebook, is at last for sale in cyberspace.
For the time being, I’ve decided to ‘go wide’ and make it available on Amazon, the iBooks store and on Kobo. That’s because the reader demographic for a topic like IT career change is international and not confined (in my opinion) to the US-centric reach of Amazon – powerful as it might be. I am not dissing the mighty Zon. Far from it! In fact, the paperback version will come out through CreateSpace, and I am working on that now.

Where too, after this?
Well, with the publication of the book, and also of ‘Living Your Best Life’, I will have finished what I set out to do back in 2012 – write down my self-coaching approach to life in general and to IT career change in particular. Sure, I could write additional ‘How to’ type books in the ‘self-help’ genre but I probably won’t. For two reasons. One, I would be repeating myself (and the efforts of many others who’ve come before me.) And two, I am not attempting to build a coaching career, and all the marketing collateral that comes with that e.g. books, courses, teleseminars etc.

I will continue to blog here for the foreseeable future about self-coaching and personal growth topics. I cannot say for sure how regular these posts will be, nor their length. (“A blessing in disguise,” some of you might be thinking. Haha!)
However, one thing is for sure. I will continue to use these five rules in my own life. There is much to learn and every moment is precious.

If you want to follow along with what I am up to as a budding science fiction writer, then please head over to markmccluretoday.com.

Kind Regards,
Mark McClure

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