Mark’s ‘Effortless Author’ Dream Book Launch Party

I know of several newly-published writers who held launch parties to  market and celebrate their book’s publication.


I’ll probably have one too because this book will be self-published using just five rules.

And so, in the spirit of rule #4, I decided to let time go lightly on Thursday evening …

… and hold a ‘dream book launch’ in the intimate setting of Cafe-Vega, Tokyo.

This idea was inspired by meeting the husband and wife team of Paul and Keiko, who run a cozy wine bar / cafe in Tokyo’s Ebisu district. (A true labor of love in the evenings, as they both have full-time day jobs.)


Hemingway had El Floridita, Havana. Mark’s got Vega-Bar, Tokyo

Writing the book is not something I’m expecting to do much of.

Instead, the plan is to follow the ‘Effortless Authorship Program‘ of noted business ghostwriter, Michael Levin, which includes speaking the first draft into an mp3 recorder.

Some goal, eh!

Anyway, my dream book launch was shared with Paul, who didn’t laugh and kindly took this photo. He also promised to erect a statue in my honor should the book deliver customers to Cafe-Vega in the manner that Hemingway’s have for Havana’s El Floridita.

A tall order, indeed, and so I settled for sampling some fine Turkish and Lebanese reds to wash down the tasty beef stew and chicken gyouza.

Oh, the writer’s life is a tough one in Tokyo…

Now, back to that book.

What Will I Write About?

I’m interested in writing at least two (non-fiction) books.
One is in the personal development market because I have a career coaching and teaching background.

The other is related to ‘content marketing’ for technology companies in Asia Pacific – a very tight but large niche for freelance business technology marketing writers (bit of a mouthful, that one!)

However, writing two books simultaneously is not recommended for a newbie author; so I’ll have to think things over.

What’s Next?

Once I’ve chosen a topic to write a book about, the next stage will be to implement Michael Levin’s ‘Be Your Own Ghostwriter’ game plan.

Customers of that program, including those who purchased a ‘pre-release’ version through Japan-based Internet marketer, James Brown, are very welcome to follow the story here.

Constructive blog comments are encouraged and you can also follow my progress on twitter @justfiverules.

(Update start: Jan 6th, 2013: I decided to terminate the justfiverules twitter account because I already have two other accounts. One is for my freelance commercial writer role (see @samuraiwriter99) and the other is morphing into my science fiction writing persona (see @markmcclure2day). There isn’t the need or the time for a third.

You can follow the book’s progress in a number of ways:

a- this blog.

b- email updates of new posts… under review (2014-07-25).

c- FaceBook fan page – click the top right ‘f’ button.

d- My Google + account at

I may add a Pinterest feed for images related to the book’s content and theme as it might be helpful in curating career change and self-coaching ideas. I do have an account there but still figuring out what to do with it.
Update end.)

Remember: You can be self-published using ‘just five rules’.

– ‘ghost of jfr’

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