Not Taking Action – Avoid this!

What’s a year between posts?

It wasn’t my intention to put this book project on the back burner but that’s what happened for most of 2013. (Two of the five planned interviews were completed. And a third is now in the works.)


So, what went ‘wrong’?

Well, it was more a case of what went right with other ‘roles’ I play during the  daytime hours.

There’s a practical limit to what can get accomplished – although, as per the premise  of this site, we are far more than we think we are.

It’s just the timing of events and circumstances that we don’t directly control.

Influence, yes. Control? Er, not really.

Here’s my revised book publishing plan for 2014.

– Complete the guest interviews and have them transcribed.

– Draft the core content of the book using a series of pre-planned audio interviews.  (This is the essence of the EAS approach.)

– Have these interviews transcribed. This forms the book’s 1st draft.

– Complete an initial series of edits and produce a 2nd draft.

– Submit to a small group of beta readers for comment.

– Get cover artwork.

– Complete final series of edits.

– Self-publish the book through (probably) CreateSpace and possibly Kindle. Not 100% sure about those choices yet.

If you’re interested in becoming a beta reader for the book then please use my contact form.

And you can keep a virtual eye on the book’s general status via FaceBook, Twitter and this blog.
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– Mark McClure

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