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just-five-rules-paperbackThe paperback version is now a print-on-demand reality. A big step for me on this self-publishing journey. At less than 100 pages, it’s a slim volume indeed. But that’s by design because the core essentials of self-coaching simplify to just one word.

That’s right.
This book is all about rediscovering how to trust yourself.

It’s therefore very important to me that readers trust I am providing information they can make use of, and not a few nuggets of wisdom padded out with pointless filler. The words on each page must be worthy of their time and their money. And that’s why I condensed the book into just ten chapters and twenty two exercises.

Yes, there will probably be additional (online) resources to come in the form of transcribed interviews, and additional guidance on using the self-coaching exercises.

There is also a companion eBook to this one. An even shorter work called ‘Living Your Best Life – Self-Coaching Conversations. It’s all about taking action – because action is the key rule in the five that go to make up just five rules. It was my first ever self-published eBook and has just finished a 90-days exclusive stint on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. ‘Living Your Best Life’ is now available for free (reverted to paid in October 2016) on the iBooks store and also on Kobo, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble (Nook). It should become free on Kindle too once the Amazon price-matching algos have caught up.

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