Before You Read On

I’ve made two significant career changes related to Information Technology (IT). The first was a 1980s move into IT from school teaching. The second involved a move out of the corporate IT world nearly twenty years later, at which time I was a computer networking engineer in Tokyo, Japan. I also transitioned between IT roles a number of times.

Most of the self-coaching exercises in this book were derived from those I used in coaching sessions with other IT professionals. A few came from my own experiences of being coached through career change. I no longer offer 1:1 coaching, but feedback from former clients reminds me that doing the exercises will be an important part of getting the best from what this book has to offer.

Although self-coaching is not confined to IT professionals, the IT career world is one I came to know well and feel qualified to write about here. I recommend that readers take the ‘information payload’ within these pages, add in a little imagination, and then encapsulate what they find with a checksum of common sense. Finally, begin to trust and act on constructive impulses that arise. These ‘constructive impulses’ are the core essence of what I understand to be a self-coached career change and are the primary reason why I wrote the book.


I would like to acknowledge Jason, Jacinta and Charles for their kind help, feedback and patience over the years.

To my parents, I say thank you for encouraging a love of books from an early age. It has been the greatest gift.

And finally, to my wonderful spouse, “arigatou.”


Any information or recommendations in this book are provided for educational purposes only and are not warranted or in any way guaranteed for accuracy, reliability or any other stated or implied purpose.

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