Small is Beautiful 3

This post’s title is like that of a Hollywood franchise milked to the end of the line.
What’s up with that?

A shortage of ideas?

Creative well gone dry?

Not really. The problem is that my original premise for this blog (and the book it is supporting) has changed from being a non-fiction account of self-coaching as a tool for productive career change to…

Well, there’s the nub of the issue.

It’s been about three years since the blog launched and there’s nay sign of any bloody book, is there now? Yes, that’s true. There is an outline and a plan to write around twenty chapters.
However, what’s holding me back is that this has been done before. ‘This’, being self-coaching in a non-fiction context.

I could easily summarise the gist of my just five rules self-coaching model in less than a page. In fact, I did that a number of times on my other blog, And those ideas are my own interpretation of a self-coaching model that’s worked for me for many years now.

It would make more sense to publish the best of the mark mcclure today blog as an ebook , with some additional self-coaching material that adds value and not padding.

Leaving this site with a reimagined future or an ignominious disappearance from the interwebs?

I have contributed a lot of behind the scenes sweat capital to let it just vanish without trace. So, that will not happen. I have also invested a considerable amount of time and effort as an apprentice author in the wonderful world of riveting fiction.  And that’s probably where this adventure will go next.

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