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Career Change and Social Media

One of the transcribed interviews for just five rules book was with Jason Ball from

Jason moved from Australia to Japan some years ago and has an interesting employment history here, having been through a number of forced and unforced career changes. He told some great war stories in the interview and I hope to include a number of them in the book.

One thing that stands out from Jason’s career arc is how he has built a reputation as a connector of people. This is an ongoing process for him. Visit the link above to get a sense of his message.

You don’t have to expend the same amounts of time and energy on ‘connecting’ as Jason does in order to be successful in a career. This is something he mentions in the interview. However, the time to start building a social network of people in your tribe or business is now and Jason talks extensively about how to use social media tools as the enablers of online relationships.  In particular, I was fascinated by his experience with LinkedIn over the past decade.

Jason’s yet to see the edited transcript. Once he’s approved it I hope to release some snippets here on the blog and also in the book.

Stay tuned.

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