Just Five Rules – Self-Coached IT Career Change

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"It's full of insightful techniques that can apply to people in any profession." - Karalyn Brown, Founder of interviewIQ.com.au
About the Book

A successful IT career change can be a planned process with some predictable outcomes along the way. However, for many people it often turns out to be a very stressful journey into an uncertain and bewildering future. This is especially so when:

  • the career change is involuntary.
  • there is pressure to find a new role fast.
  • beliefs about what may be possible are too limiting.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve been through two major career changes – one into the IT world in 1986 and another out of it in 2007 – and also coached a handful of IT people around various career obstacles. In my experience, self-coaching is a vital skill set in helping to navigate the uncertainties of an IT career path.

This book describes that skill set and how to use it, in the form of a simple self-coaching model called “just five rules.”

Effective self-coaching is not an isolated approach and the book also recognizes the contributions that mentoring and career counseling services can give to IT professionals on a career transition path.

This Mind map (made using FreePlane) lists the self-coaching exercises within each chapter.


About the Author
Mark McClure

Hello! My name’s Mark McClure. I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and relocated to Tokyo, Japan in 1994.

Two career changes, twenty years apart have included time spent as a science teacher, IT specialist (Cisco CCIE), career change coach and freelance writer.

My second career change began in 2007 with a move from corporate IT into solopreneurship – also known as ‘working for yourself.’

There are several hundred posts on my first blog (markmccluretoday.com) that document what I was doing between 2007 and 2014. (That blog now focuses more on writing fiction – another ‘creative offshoot I am cultivating. This one, justfiverules.com, is all about career change and self-coaching.)

My interest in writing as a freelance career path has grown stronger since 2007. In addition to authoring marketing collateral for technology companies (see samuraiwriter.com/blog for the story), I also write about career transition, self-help and personal growth.
'Living Your Best Life' is another short ebook of mine on how to get started (and keep going) on the stuff you really want to do.

The seeds for this book (Just Five Rules: Self-Coached IT Career Change) were first sown in 2004 when I trained as a life/career coach with the International Coach Academy. Although I no longer offer 1:1 coaching services, I know from experience how effective self-coaching can be.

Is this a book just for geeks? Well, no. It's aimed at IT professionals because I was one of them and feel qualified to write with some authority and experience on career change to, from and even within that industry. Nonetheless, I think the content is also relevant to anyone wanting to know more about a self-coached career change.

Just Five Rules: Self-Coached IT Career Change

Just Five Rules: Self-Coached IT Career Change
This book is for Information Technology (IT) professionals who are are planning to change careers. Readers planning a career transition inside the world of IT may also find the self-coaching model helpful.
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Genre: Career Change
Tags: Career Change, Self-help
Publication Year: 2016
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Update: 2016-05-23: I am now working on preparing a paperback version.


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– Mark McClure,
Tokyo, Japan

twitter: @markmcclure2day
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